• Why Anna Noir?

    The key to our style,

    Noir is not only a color,
    Noir is mystique, power…
    Noir is intemporal!

  • latest collections

    autumn 2011

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    winter 2012

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  • our vision

    Through its collections, Anna Noir offers consumers a show where they appear as the main actors. In the clothes, the audience finds an open door where they live their own fantasies. Involved in linear guides, are the starting point where the different art forms becomes the key element.

    Anna Noir - Fashion brand is register in Macao and Portugal. Establish in Asia - Macao since 2010.

    Anna Noir is based on tailor made fashion, specializes in women and men wear, accessories, handbags and footwear. Anna Noir offer client a exclusive design!

    Beyond the exclusive line, this brand also offer customer creative accessories. Our priority is to identify the customer‘s needs and then provide a product or service to fulfill their needs and create a unique identity!

    You can contact Anna Noir through webside, facebook, email and also in Macau Fashion Gallery Shop.

  • shows

    In November 2011 Anna Noir presented the first fashion show in Macao with a new collection "Macau Fusion - Fashion Performance", in Casa Garden.

    In October 2012 presented a fashion show on 18th MIF (Macao International Trade & Investment Fair) runway with the collection " Bon Voyage ".

    In November of 2012, presented the collection at Macao Military Club with a unique Fashion Event called "Retro 40's." Where you can find the link on this website n Media. Same collection was selected and awarded to the 12 best in "Jovens Criadores 2012 " contest, organized by CPAI and presented this collection in Cascais Fashion Show in Portugal.

    In September 2013, present the collection in Four Seasons Hotel Macao - Cotai Strip and participated on Creative T-shirt Fashion Show organized by Macau Fashion Gallery.

  • shows

    In October 2013, Anna Noir presented the collection on Hard Rock Cafe for a charity event - Pinktober Fashion Show in Macao City of Dreams.

    Also in October 2013, The brand show up again in 19th MIF Fashion Show with the collection “NOIR”.

    Anna Noir have been in several magazines and also on the TV Program RTP Moda Portugal in 2014.

    In October 2014, presented the collection on Hard Rock Cafe Pinktober Carity event with her own collection.

    Participated on the 20th MIF Fashion Show, with a new collection inspired on the 18 century, entitled “ROMANTICISM”.

  • Ana Cardoso

    Ana Cardoso was born in 1984 and with only 12 years old, she started painting with her mother, Mira Dias and her art teacher Fernanda Dias. After a few years she developed her paintings skills with Master Mio Pang Fei and Un Chi Iam. In 1998 she also starts her modeling career, but with her further studies she stopped and with her passion of arts and also in fashion, Ana decided to take a course related in these two subjects.

    Throughout the academic life Ana as participated and organized several fashion shows as such as "Dress is More" in 2007, "Rota da Sede Fashion Show" on 2005, 2008 and 2009,"Moda Sado" in 2009, "MVM Fashion Penafiel" in 2010.

    After finishing her master's degree in fashion design, Ana worked in fashion design and production for different brands and magazines such as.. Nuno Baltazar, Nomada Jeans, Lines lab, Venessa Cheah, Macau Closer…

    In late 2010 she returns to her homeland to begin her own fashion career in Macau.

  • Ana Cardoso

    Ana Cardoso have received award of Excellence in the 2nd, 3rd and 5th Contest Fashion Illustration Macau organized by CPTTM, Macau.

    Ana Cardoso will try to always use Macau as a starting point for her shows, with the intention of developing and internationalize Macau Fashion. At the same time, her own brand inspiration will always be linked to the territory.

    Beside from her own brand, Ana is also a fashion design instructor of Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center to contributes to nurturing our next generation of fashion designers.

  • Nair Cardoso

    Nair Cardoso has a degree in Graphic and Communication Design. She is an artist, graphic designer, owner of Rota da Sede – Art Caffé and Events Producer. Nair participated in various painting and design exhibitions in Macau, China and Portugal. Established in Macau since 2009, she worked at Albergue SCM as Exhibition Coordinator. In 2012, was art director in FRC Design (Rui Cunha Foundation).

    Currently, Nair is Project Manager at OMNI Ltd. – IT & Software Solutions and Teacher.

    General Director of Vereda das Artes – Design & Event Production and Producer of Anna Noir fashion Brand.

  • awards

    2012 - Jovens Criadores 2012 Fashion competition by CPAI (Clube Português de Artes e Ideias), Portugal

    2012 - The Excellence Award in the 3rd Macau Fashion Illustration Contest (Open Category) by CPTTM, Macau

    2011 - The Excellence Award in the 2nd Macau Fashion Illustration Contest (Open Category) by CPTTM, Macau


    Ana Cardoso
    Fashion Designer | CEO

    Nair Cardoso
    Graphic Designer | Producer